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The National Hispanic Institute

Each year, youth participate in National Hispanic Institute (NHI) experiences such as The Great Debate (9th grade), Lorenzo De Zavala Youth Legislative Session (10th & 11th grade) and the Collegiate World Series (11th grade).  These experiences focus on communication skills building, community service, cultural appreciation, leadership and character development as well as parent development.  Students will present proposals to advance the leadership and character of the Latino community, argue their ideas and concepts among their peers, and learn the art of problem solving and conflict resolution as keys to successful participation in organized efforts. The experience is based on beliefs and standards of conduct forming a community that is reflective for the future.

The Great Debate

The Great Debate allows high school freshmen the opportunity to test and improve their written and verbal communication skills through organized discussions and debates about issues that impact today's Latino community.

The Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session

The LDZ is the most recognized high school age leadership program of NHI and is available for sophomores and juniors in high school. Started in 1983, the overall challenge of the LDZ is for the students to envision themselves as part of the future leadership of a 21st Century Latino community.

Collegiate World Series

The CWS is designed for students who not only wish to make informed choices about college, but who are ready to evaluate, analyze, and make conscious decisions about their life direction.

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