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Over the years, NHI@SA has received such positive feedback from the participants, parents, family members, teachers and community members. The significant impact that these programs have made on the lives of their children is indelible. But rather than just hear it from us, please read some of the words shared directly by our participants and parents.


“As a parent you always want the best opportunities for your child. The SACLC [NHI@SA]/NHI experience was a life changing experience for my daughter, Ilanna. I have seen a positive personal growth and self-confidence in Ilanna and that is all thanks to the Great Debate challenge through SACLC [NHI@SA] and NHI. Both of us are firm believers in what the program exudes and that is "A Great Leader" for our futures.”

--Yvonne Lopez

Parent of Ilanna Villagran, Young Women's Leadership Academy, Georgetown University



"Muchisimas gracias por todo su apoyo durante mi participacion en el programa.  En realidad me aydo a creecer bastante, no solo para hablar en publico pero tambien en mi crecimiento personal de mis valores y orgullo de ser latina!"


--Alondra Ramirez

Warren High School, Harvard University

“I started off the year at the YLC [Great Debate] as that “really tall, shy kid” and now am happy to say, I have shed that title.…The SAYLC [ SA Great Debate] has been the most amazing experience of my life and all the people I have met have made it sad to see it all go; however, on that note it is important to say, this isn’t the end but merely a new beginning. So to the many memories, the laughs, the tears, and the trials I say unto all of you, Thank You and God bless.”  

--Nathaniel Hanson

Central Catholic High School, Notre Dame University

“NHI has not only changed my life, but it has become a huge part of my life that I will never let go of. One thing that I've learned from all of this is that there will be times in life where you give it your all, but someone just doesn't see it as good enough. But we can't let that define who we are, we have to rise above it and move on. We have to be the ones who try and try again until we get the results WE want. Together we have found our voices and for that I thank our Staff and Senior Staff. I'm glad that I have another place that I can truly call home.”

--Christelle Miller

Incarnate Word High School, St. Edward's University

“I highly recommend this program as a parent of participant in Great Debate. We have to say that it was a great experience for our son. The program is designed to build intellectual and leadership skills and help participants to be self-confident, pay attention to issues in society and be involved in community life.... My son loved to participate in all the training sessions, looking forward to each one of them. He wants to continue in LDZ. It was great for me as a parent to see my son, who can be stubborn, at times taking it easy as teenagers do, enjoying this program so much and being so excited about it.”

--Alena Rojikova

Parent of Jose Alfaro, Business Careers High School, St. Mary's University

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