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Over the years, NHI@SA has received such positive feedback from the participants, parents, family members, teachers and community members. The significant impact that these programs have made on the lives of their children is indelible. But rather than just hear it from us, please read some of the words shared directly by our participants and parents.



"NHI to me is a family, community, and a opportunity for us to grow and share our culture."

--Diego Garcia

 Great Hearts Live Oak High School 

"To me, NHI is a community that not only encourages empowerment but also guides us to become future leaders, offering many opportunities for personal and community growth."

--Avery Parvin

Providence Catholic School


"NHI means family and community to me. Everyone in NHI helps each other grow and the bonds I've formed during this program have been very meaningful to me."

--Adam Lozano

Central Catholic High School


"To me, NHI means familia. Being able to find a community that will always be there for you is something I will forever be grateful for."

--Mari Flores

Brandies High School

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