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What is HYLO?

The San Antonio Hispanic Youth Leaders Organization (HYLO) was founded in the fall of 1995 by a group of concerned students who had just participated in NHI’s summer youth leadership program--the 1995 Texas LDZ. Together, along with students who had not participated in NHI Programs, they formed an organization that would promote the vision of NHI, as well as involve itself with the Latino Community of San Antonio.


Over the past years, HYLO members have been recruited from various high schools (Antonian, Business Careers, Central Catholic, Health Careers, Holy Cross, Clark, Providence, Brackenridge, Memorial, and Incarnate Word High Schools) throughout the San Antonio area.


The major goals of HYLO emphasize the strong beliefs in student leadership and community service, which NHI and the NHI@SA promote. HYLO has developed a unique method of involvement that nurtures the development of Hispanic youth into focused, ambitious, well- rounded, educated leaders with a distinct set of goals that promote:


  • NHI Programs

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Leadership

  • Community Involvement

  • Academic Excellence


What Have the Students Done?

HYLO members participated in included the Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner, at which HYLO members were interviewed for a news segment on Canal 60 highlighting the fact that more youth were participating as volunteers.Aside from volunteer work, members also were present at a Library Board meeting where local community writers, artists, and activists voiced the need for a housed collection of Latino Literature in San Antonio’s main public library. This action was in response to the appallingly low amount of Latino Literature available at San Antonio’s largest library. Members addressed the library board about the need for more Latino Literature. At the following meeting, the board approved the proposal for a special housed section of Latino Literature.


In November of 2002 HYLO members held a “Get out the Vote Rally” in Downtown San Antonio, urging those with the opportunity to vote, to do so.


In March of 2003 HYLO held its second annual “El Gran Reto” (The Challenge). This event is an exhibition of the talent, artistry, and intelligence that this organization and community possesses.

What Does HYLO Represent?

The acronym HYLO is also derived from the word “hilo,” Spanish for thread. The members of HYLO will embark in a journey to form a “unified rope” with the blending of each “thread”—which is represented by every HYLO member.


They are leaders who are creators of their own solutions, their own futures, and their own dreams. HYLO will continue to challenge its members intellectually, emotionally, and culturally through its goals and vision.


With HYLO, one can meet some of the most motivated young Latinos who possess the ambition and desire to create their definition’s of success all while retaining their culture and ties to their community. HYLO Members have attended some of the most competitive universities in the country such as: Rice University, St. Mary’s University, Stanford University, University of the Incarnate Word, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and Southwestern University to name a few. These leaders are directly from our communities. These students are being prepared to lead in a community that is very much international in scope.

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