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The National Hispanic Institute at San Antonio (NHI@SA) is a volunteer base of passionate parents, young professionals and NHI alumni who actively and innovatively engage the youth of the community.  For over 23 years, NHI@SA (formerly the SACLC) has promoted leadership by examining the character, ethics, beliefs and morals of high achieving Latino youth. We work to engage youth in the global Latino Community, reaching beyond the borders of the mainland United States and into México, Argentina, Panama, and Puerto Rico to name a few. We urge students to begin to view themselves through a different set of social lenses and shift the paradigm by which they view the Latino Community. Furthermore there is a call for these youth to become crafters of a new tomorrow, as they are already leaders in their own right.

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We offer students the opportunity to participate in multiple programs focused on shaping today's youth into leaders while learning a variety of essential skills for today's world, while building a network of friendships and connections. 

NHI@SA has a full calendar of events that range from trainings to guest speakers to movie screenings (and more) for participants and community members to build skillsets and share experiences that allow for increased community involvement and cultural understanding.  

NHI@SA could not continue its work without the support from parents, administrators, friends, and volunteers. It is their generosity that keeps our efforts volunteer-driven and focused on the youth. Find out how you can get involved or make a donation.


The National Hispanic Institute at San Antonio is a 100% VOLUNTEER-run organization. so it takes all of us coming together as a community to make these experiences happen!


The parents of Great Debate participants and student-staff are asked to sign up for one of the committees/roles that will help the students throughout the year.  


For questions, contact  Thank you!

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